The COVID-19 State of Higher Education and Institutional Research

First-Time Freshman Enrollment Changes, Fall 2020

Alumni Outcomes for Rochester Institute of Technology Computer Science Graduates, Steppingblocks Data Insights

How does Institutional Research fit into the pandemic puzzle?

  • Leadership roles in institution-wide task forces
  • Service as data experts on planning committees
  • Provision of data and information in support of pandemic-related changes
  • The formalization of previously informal or ad hoc processes

Q&A: What’s really happening in IR? We asked.

Q. What are your main priorities right now, and how has your day-to-day been affected?

Q. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are priorities for IR right now. How does data play a part?

Q. Student success depends on data-informed decision-making across the campus. During this dynamic time for IR, how have unreliable data lakes and information silos continued to undermine progress?

Q. Can you comment on this statement? EAB conducted a survey to evaluate IR’s priorities and needs. Respondents cited a concern around holes in longitudinal data with many surveys cancelled, courses transformed, and assessments interrupted.

EAB asked: We know the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption across university campuses. How is this impacting your team’s work?

Q. In terms of collecting longitudinal data on graduate outcomes, are you confident in the data you are gathering and will be able to gather moving forward?

What new data-driven tools were delivered during the pandemic?

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