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  • Kelly Peng

    Kelly Peng

    Lifelong learner. “As you think, so shall you become.” WeChat公众号「凯莉彭」kellyyuweipeng.com

  • SAK


    hello world

  • Monica Rogati

    Monica Rogati

    Data Science advisor. Turning data into products and stories. Former VP of Data @Jawbone & @LinkedIn data scientist. Equity partner @DCVC. CMU CS PhD.

  • Adam Geitgey

    Adam Geitgey

    Interested in computers and machine learning. Likes to write about it.

  • Unveil


  • Educasic


    Passionate startup dedicated to #EdTech, #WomeninTech, and #ECE. Teach sight words? Visit us at www.getSights.com.

  • Parlay Ideas

    Parlay Ideas

    Thinking and writing about education. Focused on discussion-based-learning. www.parlayideas.com

  • Tickle 

    Tickle 

    Coding for the real world! Program drones, robots, Star Wars BB-8, LEGO, Arduino, Sphero, Dash&Dot, & Hue on your iPhone/iPad. @CodeOrg

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