17 Universities Producing the Most Cybersecurity Talent Since 2010

Top Undergrad Schools for Cybersecurity (Sorted by Average Salary)

1. University of Maryland

Average Salary: $112,825

2. University of Phoenix

Average Salary: $104,465

3. George Mason University

Average Salary: $101,116

4. University of Maryland Global Campus

Average Salary: $99,941

University of Maryland Global Campus Cybersecurity Grads Map

5. Northern Virginia Community College

Average Salary: $96,111

6. Western Governors University

Average Salary: $91,991

7. Penn State University

Average Salary: $91,350

8. Community College of the Air Force

Average Salary: $90,914

9. American Military University

Average Salary: $88,373

10. University of Texas at San Antonio

Average Salary: $75,633

Top Grad Schools for Cybersecurity (Sorted by Volume)

1. University of Maryland Global Campus
2. Western Governors University
3. Utica College
4. Capella University
5. National University
6. Bellevue University
7. George Mason University
8. Webster University
9. University of South Florida
10. Carnegie Mellon University

Want to see how your school stacks up to these top producers of cybersecurity pros?

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